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3Wcom pays the maximum attention to the requirements concerning the protection of personal data which is provided to us by our clients. The company follows a series of guidelines applied to the whole structure concerning regulations for the safeguarding of personal data.

As a player in the field of technological innovation, 3Wcom is aware that measures for safeguarding personal data are not static, and must be in constant progression, hand in hand with the technological evolution in act.

3Wcom is constantly introducing new security measures aimed at protecting private information divulged by our clients. Furthermore, we view the security measures from an all-round standpoint with regards to every step: acquisition, transmission and elaboration of personal data. The need to protect data is an integral part of 3Wcom's culture so while projecting and creating new services, safeguarding security is another fundamental part of our work.

In order to fulfil the commitment declared in the Company Security Policy 3Wcom web site is equally committed to ensure and guarantee privacy on-line to its users. Furthermore, for each activity and service offered on-line, information is available concerning the limits and the formalities of the said service on the basis of which, every visitor is free to express his/her consent and authorise 3Wcom to register and utilise personal data.
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